Equipment, maintenance, consumables



Orel, the Russian Federation,

specializes in liquid chromatography since 1994.

MEDIKANT LLC offers the following products and services:

  • microcolumn liquid chromatographs ORLANT;
  • development, production and delivery of analysis equipment units;
  • supply of additional units and consumables for liquid chromatography: an injector unit (autosampler), an injector, a pumping unit, analytical columns, pre-columns, sets for filtering, software, a liquid supply system, a temperature controller with a thermostat.
  • technical support (advice):

-on implementation of the microcolumn HPLC method in analytical control in medicine, ecology, food control, analysis of pharmaceutical and medicinal products.

-on configuration of liquid chromatographs for solving exactly your problems

-on fault diagnosis,

-in application of methodological support for the chromatographs used,

-on working with liquid microcolumn chromatographs.

-on training the chromatographs users

  •  maintenance of liquid chromatographs of Milichrom series:

- assessment of technical condition,

- repair,

- commissioning of the device,

- connecting the device to PC,

- equipping the device with:

high pressure pump,

MultiChrom software,

analytical columns and pre-columns,

temperature controller with a thermostat,

filter sets,

improved cuvette,

liquid line.