Training program for liquid chromatographs users

(Milichrom, Orlant)

Training program for chromatograph users is aimed at novice users of these devices.

The training program consists of two parts:

  1. The theoretical part of 12 hours. The theoretical part explains the basic chromatographic terms and concepts, formulas for calculating chromatographic values, explains the procedure of analysis and identification of substances, special features of analyses procedures, and mathematical processing of the analysis results.
  2. The practical part of 28 hours. In the practical part, we explain design of the device, its features, operation of each unit and the chromatograph as a whole. Students independently carry out practical separation of test mixtures, mathematical processing of the analysis results, make qualitative and quantitative calculation of peaks, and identification of components (by external standard method). During the training, the analysis of operator errors is made, algorithms for troubleshooting are considered.

At the end of the training, there is an interview and a test

According to the results of training, a student obtains a certificate.

The training is held in the premises of Medikant LLC in Orel. Only liquid chromatographs of Milichrom or Orlant series are used in training.

Students study for 5 working days (Monday – Friday) 8 hours a day. The training starts at 9.00.

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